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KT Keto is very close to launching! We’re so close in fact that we may actually soft launch our site by the end of this week. There are still a few things to get in place, but if you’re willing to jump now, you’ll get in on the ground floor of our launch. As an added bonus to this initial launch, if you purchase during this soft launch, you’ll receive up to two additional weeks to prepare for the biggest transformation you’ve perhaps seen in your lifetime. Not all of the changes will happen overnight, and sometimes you’ll wonder what you got yourself into, but in the end, that’s what we’re here for. We promise we will do everything in our power to help you create and sustain a healthy Ketogenic lifestyle that becomes a natural part of your life.

Tina and I changed from the Standard American Diet over two years ago now, and we’re both happy with our results. Many folks start this program for the weight loss associated with burning fat instead of glucose, but for me that’s just a side benefit. We’ll get into that in the course. We’ve worked with people who have lost over 100 pounds. If I did that, I’d weigh 120 pounds, and I’m not sure that’s healthy for a 5’10” medium build guy! Tina isn’t quite sure how much weight she lost since we started on this journey because when she started our scale was broken. However, she does know that her next blue jeans purchase was going to be size 16s. Instead she worked her way down to now wearing size 6 jeans. I am constantly having to do a double take when I see her walking around the house. She’s always been petite, but now she’s taking it to new levels.

Enough about us. The truth is, I’m only sharing these things about us in the hope that it will encourage you to join us. We want to help you experience the results that we’ve experienced. And if you’ll let us, help you avoid some of the pitfalls we’ve faced on our journey, and if you do hit some pitfalls, help you weather them, and continue on your journey to achieve the health goals you have for yourself.

I want to warn you, our client intake form is going to ask some difficult questions, and require you to dig deep because you may not want to share everything the form asks. We promise that the only reason we’re asking these questions, is so that we can help you achieve the goals you will give us on that form.

When will you get started on your journey to health? And will you let us help? Finally, ask yourself how much better health is worth. When you do, I think you’ll find that what we’re offering is a steal. Sign up today!

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