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Keto 101 February 11 Start Date

Hello everyone! Tina and I would like to welcome you to our first Ketogenic Lifestyle 101 class. While we're new to the formal coaching process, we have been doing this unofficially for over two years. In that time we've had some significant achievements in terms of...

KT Keto is about to Launch!

KT Keto is very close to launching! We're so close in fact that we may actually soft launch our site by the end of this week. There are still a few things to get in place, but if you're willing to jump now, you'll get in on the ground floor of our launch. As an added...

Ken & Tina Keto Coaches

Welcome to the Keto Way of Life Ken and Tina have different approaches. That shouldn't be shocking to anyone. Ken tends to share his ideas more freely, while Tina would rather have you see the results of what she's done, and have you ask. Tina also does lots of...

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