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Hello everyone!

Tina and I would like to welcome you to our first Ketogenic Lifestyle 101 class. While we’re new to the formal coaching process, we have been doing this unofficially for over two years. In that time we’ve had some significant achievements in terms of overall health, and the side benefit of weight loss. However, we’ve also realized that we haven’t been able to help as many people as we’d like. There are two main reasons for that. First, there hasn’t been a financial commitment, which creates an incentive to see this transformation occur. And, second, we haven’t had permission to hold the people we’ve been coaching accountable. That said, we are grateful for those who have been willing and easy to coach! Their results and commitment to Keto are nothing short of phenomenal.

We’re aiming for the same kind of results on your journey. And we think that between your financial commitment, and your permission to remind you why it is you embarked on this journey with us in the first place.  We’re here to help you with your first seven weeks. For some of you, that’s just what you need to transform your life. After all, you only need enough will power and discipline to establish a new positive habit. 

We can hardly wait to see what the results will be from this coaching class.

Since we’ve both been walking the journey now for over two years, we know how difficult it can be when challenges arise. That’s where our support as coaches comes in. We’ve seen quite a bit in our two years, and we’ve developed a supportive community that has been there for us when the struggles come. For instance, two summers ago, I thought I was doing a good job ordering a Skinny Mocha Frappuccino from Starbucks. After nearly the whole summer struggling not to gain weight, I finally discovered with the help of a barista who remembered I was Keto, that the Frappuccino base was essentially all corn syrup. I quit that sabotage right then and there, and haven’t had one since. What discoveries like this will you make as you become more aware of what you eat and drink? Are you willing to make the difficult decisions initially, so that you are eventually not tempted in the least? 

Some of you may require more than seven weeks. To that end, our goal is to develop the KT Keto community, and we hope that as this becomes a lifestyle for you over the next seven weeks you’ll see the benefit of working with us to achieve your goals, and the community we’ve cultivated is worth continuing. 

We hope that you’ll develop a desire to share how you feel with others and how we’ve helped you and want to help them too. Eventually, if you stick with the Ketogenic way of living for at least six months, don’t be surprised if we begin encouraging you to become a certified Ketogenic coach, and provide you with the tools you’ll need to reach out to your friends and family to share with them what you’ve experienced.

But as is often the case, I’m getting ahead of myself. For now, here are the links to the files from our Program Guide.


KT Keto Favorite Recipes Word Format

KT Keto Favorite Recipes  PDF Format

3_week_Keto_Meal_Plan Word Format

3_week_Keto_Meal_Plan PDF Format

Eat_this_Not_That_-_Keto_Foods Word Format

Eat_this_Not_That_-_Keto_Foods PDF Format